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Pick-up Policy

Studio Alchemista offers local pick-up. This is available for those who wish to come and pick up the item you have purchased from our location.

By agreeing to pick your item up via local pick-up you agree that:

  1. You have read and understood our Terms and Conditions, along with our Refund Policy.

  2. You will be using a suitable vehicle to pick up the item.

  3. You will bring confirmation of your order with you when you pick up your item.

  4. Any damage done to the item in transit is not Studio Alchemista’s responsibility and if any damage is done in transit that voids the terms of our refund policy.

  5. Studio Alchemista will provide assistance in getting the item into your vehicle unless otherwise stated that help is not desired.

  6. The pickup location is a residential address and therefore is in accordance with the Occupiers Liability Act 1957.

  7. In accordance with the Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 the owner or occupier must take reasonable care to ensure that visitors will be reasonably safe when using the premises for its intended purpose.

  8. Due to the fact that the pickup location is a residential address you will endeavour to respect the neighbours and the property when picking up your item.

  9. Any abuse to our staff will be met with the necessary legal ramifications.

  10. Any damage to our property will be met with the necessary legal ramifications.

  11. You have arranged prior to pick-up with us a time and date that you will be picking up your item. If you do not have a prior arrangement we will not provide your item.

  12. During times where social distancing measures are in place, you will respect those distances and wear masks when social distancing cannot be observed.

  13. After purchase, within 1-3 working days, we will provide you with an option of pick-up times.

  14. If these initial times are not suitable then a new set will be provided for the following week.

  15. If we are suddenly unavailable for your pick-up time, we will provide suitable prior warning.

  16. We will not leave an item outside of the property for you to collect.

  17. If you miss your initial pick-up date, we will attempt to re-arrange a pick-up date with our next set of times.

  18. You will provide all of the necessary information as accurately as possible at checkout.

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